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help using read in menu script to cat out lines in logs

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting help using read in menu script to cat out lines in logs
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Old 09-24-2009
So easy and I tried the stupid curly brackets and every combination but the one you showed. Thanks so much.
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Old 09-24-2009
Originally Posted by
cat junk.log | grep '[hello|this]'

You just win the Useless Use of Cat Award Smilie

# grep '[hello|this]' junk.log
# grep "hello\|this" junk.log

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Old 09-24-2009
My script is almost done! Thanks everyone for your help and support.

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Sorry, it was working fine. Then my boss had me change the words in the grep from error to failure and now its acting totally bizarre.

[root@current]# grep -i '[exception|fail]' demo-sam*.log|sort -u |more

2009/266 03:18:13.437: DEBUG snas.sam.MocClientAcceptor-36:processClientRequest(line 1414) - Received obj: DataRequest:13953921
2009/266 03:18:13.438: DEBUG snas.sam.MocClientAcceptor-36:sendObject(line 2226) - !!Transmitted Object Complete {user:mocuser1}: DataRequest:13953921
2009/266 03:18:43.451: DEBUG snas.sam.MocClientAcceptor-36:processClientRequest(line 1414) - Received obj: DataRequest:381753
2009/266 03:18:43.452: DEBUG snas.sam.MocClientAcceptor-36:sendObject(line 2226) - !!Transmitted Object Complete {user:mocuser1}: DataRequest:381753
2009/266 03:19:03.440: DEBUG snas.sam.MocAlertSveAcceptor-7:processMocResponse(line 298) - Received NativeData with key: Nat_ops_0000_207
2009/266 03:19:03.440: DEBUG snas.sam.MocAlertSveAcceptor-7:processMocResponse(line 299) - **** Native Type: Nat_ops_0000_207, Size: 901
2009/266 03:19:03.441: ERROR snas.sam.MocServiceManager:publishNativeData(line 525) - Native Data is not registered. Dropped Nat_ops_0000_207
2009/266 03:19:03.564: DEBUG snas.sam.MocAlertSveAcceptor-7:resetObjOutputStream(line 286) - <Threshold Reset> OutputStream reset - I/O messages: [37700, 1]
2009/266 03:19:04.560: DEBUG snas.sam.MocAlertSveAcceptor-7:processMocResponse(line 298) - Received NativeData with key: Nat_ops_1000_209
2009/266 03:19:04.560: DEBUG snas.sam.MocAlertSveAcceptor-7:processMocResponse(line 299) - **** Native Type: Nat_ops_1000_209, Size: 6963

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Old 09-24-2009
Originally Posted by taekwondo
now its acting totally bizarre
In what particular way? - I take it that what you posted is the output you're currently getting, but what about the input (read: log file) you're starting from? Could you please show as an excerpt from that as well ...
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Old 09-24-2009
Did you try:
grep -i "exception\|fail" file

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