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Old 09-22-2009
If the timestamp changes on the logfile, the cron is working.
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Canto-fetch(1)							    Canto-fetch 						    Canto-fetch(1)

Canto-fetch - A quiet feed fetcher. DESCRIPTION
Canto-fetch is designed to be run through a cron job, every minute. Every time it's run, it checks the timestamp on each index file and updates the feed, if necessary. The format it produces is a simple UTF-8 encoded, NULL delimited text file on disk, readable by the canto client. GETTING STARTED
Canto-fetch is meant to be used through a cron, adding this line to your crontab will cause canto-fetch to poll every minute. * * * * * canto-fetch Alternatively, if you're unable/uncomfortable using cron, canto-fetch has a background daemon mode so you can invoke it in your X session scripts. Just use canto-fetch -b USAGE
These options correspond to options to the canto client. -h / --help Print usage and quit. -v / --version Print version and quit. -V / --verbose Output status while updating. -d / --daemon Continue to check for updates every minute. Mostly for debugging with -V, users probably want -b to background. -b / --background Detach from the terminal (implies -d) -f / --force Force updates on all feeds, ignoring timestamps. -s / --sysfp Use feedparser on system instead of builtin copy. -C / --conf [PATH] Set path to configuration file (default: ~/.canto/conf) -F / --fdir [PATH] Set path to feed directory (default: ~/.canto/feeds/) -L / --log [PATH] Set path to log (default: ~/.canto/fetchlog) -S / --sdir [PATH] Set the path to execurl scripts (default ~/.canto/scripts/) FILES
~/.canto/fetchlog Canto-fetch log file. ~/.canto/feeds/ This is the directory where canto-fetch records stories. BUGS
None known, but it's not outside of the realm of possibility =P. HOMEPAGE AUTHOR
Jack Miller <> Version 0.7.10 27 July 2010 Canto-fetch(1)