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Old 09-18-2009
Originally Posted by crumb
I would also be ok removing all the spaces
My approach (- beware of recursion):

[house@leonov] more scrub.bash

SCRIPT=$( readlink -f ${0} )
if [ ! -d "$TARGET" ]
  echo "Usage: sh scrub.bash '[target folder]'"
  exit 1
  cd "$TARGET"

ls -1 . > $BUFFER
while read FILE
  NAME=$( echo "$FILE" | sed -e "s/ /_/g" )
  if [ "$FILE" != "$NAME" ]
    echo -ne "Scrubbed: "
    mv -vT "$FILE" "$NAME"
  if [ -d "$NAME" ]
    sh $SCRIPT "$NAME"
done < $BUFFER
rm -f $BUFFER

exit 0

# [game over]

[house@leonov] ls testFiles
12345 test.file1  12345 test.file2  12345 test.file3
[house@leonov] sh scrub.bash testFiles
Scrubbed: `12345 test.file1' -> `12345_test.file1'
Scrubbed: `12345 test.file2' -> `12345_test.file2'
Scrubbed: `12345 test.file3' -> `12345_test.file3'
[house@leonov] ls testFiles
12345_test.file1  12345_test.file2  12345_test.file3

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Old 09-18-2009
Originally Posted by edidataguy
Try this one liner:
ls -1 [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]* | sed 's/\(^[0-9]\{5\}\)\(.*\)/mv & \2/' | ksh

I thought you original requirement was to remove the numbers in begining from the file?
Hope this is what you are looking for:
ls -1 [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]* | sed 's/\(^[0-9]\{5\}\)\(.*\)/mv "&"  "\2"/' | ksh

This will over write any duplicate files that might be present after renaming.
You will finally end up having only one file.

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Old 09-18-2009
That works perfect guy. I think that may be the winner. I had to install ksh but that works for me. I don't have to make changes to the spaces either.


ps... the character string i need to remove at the beginning is actually two letters then a 4 digit number, then dash, then 2 digit number, then space, dash, space.
I realized I need to be more detailed in my description of the issue needing solving.
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Old 09-18-2009
Glad it worked for you.
One bit of advice.
In unix files with space (or any improper char) is a pain in the neck.
As you go further it will cause more and more issues (including backup etc). Scrips will work fine when testing, but fail in realtime.
Resolve it at the root rather than through the script.
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