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Old 09-16-2009
expect_out(buffer) not complete

I have only some info into my buffer, but after a rssi command I see the folowing lines expected into buffer but not present :
[Main Ch0] rssi=-106
[Div Ch0] rssi=-109
I see in my buffer only the first part of the output, here you are a part of script :
#!/usr/bin/expect -f
#global expect_out
match_max 10000000

send -- "telnet"
sleep 10s
send -- "\r"
expect "ANDWCSHY0039>"
send -- "rssi\r"
sleep 10s
#send "\n"
set val $expect_out(buffer)
sleep 10s
puts "OUTPUT IS \n"
puts "A$val A"

Perhaps [ is one special chr in expect/tcl scripts.
Please Do you have any idea about my issue ?

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Old 09-17-2009
Could you post the exact output you're getting?
Try adding another expect after the command you're executing on the remote system:

#!/usr/bin/expect --

set prompt "ANDWCSHY0039>"
spawn telnet ;# or telnet $argv

expect $prompt

send "rssi\r"

expect $prompt ;# set to the value you're expecting 

set val $expect_out(buffer)


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