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Old 09-14-2009
Processing a file in perl

Qspace ABC
Queue doCol: true
Queue order: fifo
Queue setCol: red
Queue order: fifo
Qspace XYZ
Queue getCol: true
Queue order: fifo

I need to append every line in this file with Qspace & Queue, so that final o/p shall look like this,

Qspace: ABC Queue: doCol
Qspace: ABC Queue: doCol Queue order: fifo
Qspace: ABC Queue: setCol
Qspace: ABC Queue: setCol Queue order: fifo
Qspace: XYZ Queue: getCol
Qspace: XYZ Queue: getCol Queue order: fifo

Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-14-2009
It's not clear what you are trying to do.

Are Qspace ABC and Qspace XYZ the names of two files (with spaces in the names)? Or are they just two lines of data in one file?

Also, it's not clear how the text is being transformed. What happened to the word red in the input file? What rule are you using to add colons?
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Old 09-15-2009
This is basically an array output ( I have put Qspace in bold to make it easy to understand). If you notice the Queue doCol & setCol are two different Queue names inside the same Qspace ABC & each one of them has an attribute Queue order. Similarly, there can be 'n' no. of Qspaces containing 'n' different Queue names with same attributes.
I want an output which will append every line in this array with the respective Qspace & Queue name & then the attribute.

So, for Qspace ABC & Queue doCol, the o/p shall look like,

Qspace: ABC Queue: doCol
Qspace: ABC Queue: doCol Queue order: fifo

It should also remove the words after Queue name doCol & setCol i.e. true, red resp.

Hope this clears your doubt.
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