Passing unix command to "sed"

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Old 09-11-2009
Passing unix command to "sed"

I am trying a simple sed to replace a pattern but it fails ,,c an someone help in where iam wrong, here is what i run and i get no o/p

a=`cat | grep -i pattern1 | egrep -iv "pattern2" `
sed 's/`echo $a`/XYZ=newvalue/g' < > abc.sh_new

This is how my ksh -x of teh script looks like:

+ + cat
+ grep -i pattern1
+ egrep -iv pattern2
+ sed s/`echo $a` /$Env_TARGET_TARGET_DATABASE=$Tdb/g
+ 0< /tmp/scm_dir/IPA/ 1> /tmp/scm_dir/IPA/env.sh_new

i also tried
sed 's/`cat | grep -i pattern1 | egrep -iv "pattern2" `/XYZ=newvalue/g' < > abc.sh_new
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Old 09-11-2009
I related your last two post, and i tried the following..
Hope this will remove your blocking... Smilie

$cat file



Solution 1:
a=` cat file | grep -w "DEV_2_TARGET_DATABASE" | cut -d '=' -f 2`
sed "s/\($a\)/newdb/g" file > file1
mv file1 file

The above script will take the value assigned for DEV_2_TARGET_DATABASE, and substitute that value i.e "server5" to newdb in the whole file content. ( even for DEV 4 or DEV 3)

Solution 2:

If you want to substitute only DEV_2_TARGET_DATABASE=server5 to DEV_2_TARGET_DATABASE=newdb

sed "s/\(DEV_2_TARGET_DATABASE=\)\(.*\)/\1newdb/g" file

Hope this helps..
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Old 09-11-2009
Originally Posted by yesmani
a=`cat | grep -i pattern1 | egrep -iv "pattern2" `
sed 's/`echo $a`/XYZ=newvalue/g' <  > abc.sh_new

Ad hoc (untested):

a=$( cat | grep -i 'pattern1' | egrep -iv 'pattern2' )
sed -i "s/$a/XYZ=newvalue/g"

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