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Old 09-11-2009
Question Computing data in awk

I am a newbie in programing. I want to compute the following in awk.
I have the following data file:

ID Value1 Value2 Value3
sade 0.21 0.45 23
foly 0.31 0.34 43
jude 0.40 0.11 63
jude 0.53 0.32 34
sade 0.67 0.49 66
foly 0.30 0.20 56

I want to take an ID “sade” , then take its value3 which is 23 and divide it with sum of value3 (23+66=89) like 23/89=0.258. then multiply it with value1 and value2 and then sum it.
For sade:
L1[ID]=L1[ID]+(res * 0.21)
L2[ID]=L2[ID]+(res * 0.45)

Now for the second “sade” record
L1[ID]=L1[ID]+(res * 0.67)
L2[ID]=L2[ID]+(res * 0.49)

Similar calculations for other IDs (jude,foly) as well.
Thank you so much for your help.

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Old 09-11-2009
For clarity can you post desired result. It will help to understand the logic.

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Originally Posted by ubeejani
... with sum of value3 (23+66=98) ...
Hmm! 23+66=89 in my logic.
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Old 09-11-2009

awk '{
 v1[$1] += $1
 v2[$1] += $2
 v3[$1] += $3
for ( x in v1 )
  print x, v1[x], v3[x], v3[x] 
}' "$file"

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Old 09-11-2009
ripat! thanks for the correction.I was in hurry. Smilie
For each of the ID I want the following output:

L1[sade]=(resi * 0.21)+ (resj * 0.67) where resi =23/89 and resj =66/89
L2[sade]=(resi * 0.45)+ (resj * 0.49)

L1[foly]=( resi * 0.31)+ (resj * 0.30) where resi =43/99 and resj =56/99
L2[foly]=( resi * 0.34)+ (resj * 0.20)

L1[jude]=( resi * 0.40)+ (resj * 0.53) where resi =63/97 and resj =34/97
L2[jude]=( resi * 0.11)+ (resj * 0.32)

I hope you got the logic.
Thanks a lot.

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cfajohnson !
In this code you didn't consider the value of "res" which is for "sade, res=23/89 and 66/89". Similarly for jude and foly. Please check my last message. I hope you will get my point.
Thank you.
Originally Posted by cfajohnson

awk '{
 v1[$1] += $1
 v2[$1] += $2
 v3[$1] += $3
for ( x in v1 )
  print x, v1[x], v3[x], v3[x] 
}' "$file"

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Old 09-11-2009
Is this what you are after?

awk '
	print sprintf("L1[%s]=%f\nL2[%s]=%f\n",
	$1, ($4/tot[$1]*$2)+(l4[$1]/tot[$1]*l2[$1]),
	$1, ($4/tot[$1]*$3)+(l4[$1]/tot[$1]*l3[$1]))
}' yourFile yourFile

On the sample file given above, it produces this output:







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Old 09-11-2009
Bravo!!! Smilie
It is working perfectly.
Thank you ripat and cfajohnson for your time.
I appreciate your cooperation.

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Old 09-14-2009
my %hash;
open FH,"<a";
 my @tmp=split;
 push @{$hash{$tmp[0]}->{val}}, $_;
close FH;
foreach my $key(keys %hash){
 my @tmp=@{$hash{$key}->{val}};
 for(my $i=0;$i<=$#tmp;$i++){
   my @t=split(" ",$tmp[$i]);
   print $hash{$key}->{sum};
   print $tmp[$i]," ",$t[1]*$t[3]/$hash{$key}->{sum}," ",$t[2]*$t[3]/$hash{$key}->{sum},"\n";

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