issues with simplexml_load_string/SimpleXMLElement on PHP 5.1/Linux

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Old 09-10-2009
Question issues with simplexml_load_string/SimpleXMLElement on PHP 5.1/Linux

This works fine under WAMP with PHP 5.3 and Windows XP on my dev machine. But on a Unix/PHP 5.1 env it doesn't. I am looking to pull out "LineNumber" and "TaxAmount" from the XML for each iteration of the loop below, for each iteration "$tax_line" is always an object of simplexml_load_string ( ).

$tax_line is the following object, which obviously has a type of "object".

Does anyone know how I would do this?

The point where things seem to get screwy between Windows and Linux is when I come to this line: $tax_lines = $tax_document->TaxLines->TaxLine;

The SimpleXMLElement is a print_r dump of "$tax_line".

Any help would be really appreciated. Have been looking at this for ages now!


SimpleXMLElement Object
    [@attributes] => Array
            [Id] => 1
    [LineNumber] => 1
    [TaxSummary] => SimpleXMLElement Object
            [EffectTaxRate] => 0.09752
            [TaxAmount] => 24.38
            [TaxBasis] => 250.00

PHP Code:
$response_xml simplexml_load_string($data);    
$document_status $tax_document->DocumentStatus->Success// this can be outputted fine
$tax_lines $tax_document->TaxLines->TaxLine;                
foreach (
$tax_lines as $tax_line) {
$linenumber = (string) $tax_line[0]->LineNumber;            
$taxamount = (string) $tax_line[0]->TaxSummary->TaxAmount;

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