How to do row comparison in shell script

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Old 09-10-2009
How to do row comparison in shell script


I need help on doing the below thing in shell script.

I have a file with millions of rows called "abc.txt". i have another file with millions of rows called "xyz.txt".

I would like to do the below operation.
Open the abc.txt, read the first line, do some operations on the column values and hold it in temp variable. Open the the xyz.txt and read the first line and do some operations on the column values and hold it in temp variables.
Write this temp values to the output file.
The major hiccups in this is i have to compare the first row of abc.txt with the first row of xyz.txt and second row to the second row and so on.

How can i do the comparison of first line with first line and second line with second line and so on ?
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Old 09-10-2009
if you define 'some operations' we can show you a simple way to do this is awk. It is also possible in bash. But it depends on what the data is like.

We need sample lines from "abc.txt" and samples line from "xyz.txt" - then show us what 'some operations' means.
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Old 09-10-2009
Let us consider the abc.txt have following lines

Let us consider the xy.txt have the following lines

I have to read the first line from both the files and
check if the dates (first 8 characters) are same in both the files
if same then i will proceed the fetching of other values.
If dates are not same then quit that record.

Move to second line in both the files and do the process again.


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