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system () output into file in awk

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Old 09-07-2009
system () output into file in awk


I want to print my output into a file inside of awk, but I don't know it could wokr with using system (piping the $1-4 to another shellskript):

cat file.txt |awk '{ if ($5==2) {dataname=$1 "_" $2 "_" $3 "_" $4 "_typing.rad"
befehl=".gen_test " $7 " " $8 " " $8
system(befehl) > dataname}}'

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks a lot,

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Old 09-07-2009

Something like this?:

cat file.txt | awk '{
   if ($5==2) {
     dataname=$1 "_" $2 "_" $3 "_" $4 "_typing.rad"
     befehl=".gen_test " $7 " " $8 " " $8
     system(befehl ">" dataname)

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Old 09-07-2009
The use of cat is redundant:

awk '
  dataname=$1 "_" $2 "_" $3 "_" $4 "_typing.rad"
  befehl=".gen_test " $7 " " $8 " " $8
  system(befehl " >" dataname)
}' file.txt

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Old 09-07-2009
thanks a lot. This works perfectly.

Last question in this case. In Shell the radiance-command work like that:
gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-'$1'*t' 1 1

But I don't know how to deal with this command in system().

I tried this:
befehl1="gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-"$1"*t' 1 1 >temp.rad"

But it is just printing exactly the command with the replaced $1. How can I solve the '. Can someone tell me maybe the rules?

Thanks again for the help,

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Old 09-07-2009
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Thank You.

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Old 09-17-2009
connecting strings?

I have still the problem with the translation of the following command in awk. In Shell the radiance-command work like that:

gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-'$1'*t' 1 1

gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-'$1'*t' 1 1

But I don't know how to deal with this command in system(). My skript looks like this. the importfile runde.txt is just a tabel with seven columns and numbers in it. I wanted to create a surface with different parameters getting out of the runde.txt file and written in the next course file *_adjust.rad:

cat runde.txt |awk '{

                                if ($5==2) {
                                                   dataname_v= " $1 "_" $4 "_adjust.rad
                                                   befehl1="gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-"$7"*t' 1 1 > dataname_v"

cat runde.txt |awk '{ if ($5==2) { dataname_v= " $1 "_" $4 "_adjust.rad befehl1="gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-"$7"*t' 1 1 > dataname_v" system(befehl) } }'

The problem is the '-sign, because in awk it is used for '{ and always when I am changing it the befehl-variable it is just printing the command with a replaced $7. Or it is telling me that the gensurf-command is used wrong because it is missing the end of the command...

Does anyone has an idea how to solve it? Maybe connecting strings?

Thanks a lot,

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