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Old 09-04-2009
Question AWK split

Dear colleagues! I want to create a script which will take each file from the list and then parse it filename with awk/split. I do it this way:

for file in `cat /$FileListFN`; do
     echo `awk   '
                 {for (i=1; i<=N; i++)
                    {print FNParts[i] " | "}
                 ' $file`

I use this file list as a source :

But when I run it I get the following:
BD52 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD52 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD52 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD5A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD5A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD5A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD62 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD62 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD62 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD6A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD6A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD6A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD72 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD72 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD72 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD7A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD7A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD7A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD82 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD82 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD82 | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |
BD8A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD8A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml | BD8A | New | 28 | 04 | 09.xml |

Why my strings repeat three times? I did everything as it was shown in examples. I try to do it on Solaris.

Thank you in advance!

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Old 09-04-2009
What is the content of the variables $FileListFN and $file and what should be the desired output?

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Old 09-04-2009
$FileListFN contains the full name of list-file. $file is a current processing file. Idea is the following - I want to have two arrays, one with parsed filename (FNPart) and second with parsed filename template (Tag). Then I could produce the following string <Tag[1]><FNPart[1]></Tag[1]> ... <Tag[n]><FNPart[n]></Tag[n]> and then insert it into each XML between first "><" combination. So I don't want to output arrays, I want to produce the full string and then use it.

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By the word, now I know what happened - each my XML has exactly three strings inside, so FILENAME was parsed three times...
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Old 09-04-2009
This should be sufficient:

awk '$1=$1' FS="_" OFS=" | " file

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Old 09-04-2009
If u just want to replace '_' with '|' can be done following ways..

cat filename|sed 's/_/|/g' OR sed 's/_/|/g' filename

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Old 09-07-2009
Thank you very much for your answers! Now I am trying to use a variable from main script in awk program. I passed this variable into my awk program, but it doesn't work correctly. The script is given below:
awk '{print $FNT}' $file -v FNT=$FileNameTemplate
file here is a real XML fliename, FileNameTemplate is something like JFJF_New_07_09_09. I expect this script to output the value of the variable, but it outputs my XML file and then waits for an input, doing nothing and repeating my input after Enter button pressed... Please tell me where is my mistake and what should I read before I will ask such questions.
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Old 09-07-2009
Not quite clear with what exactly you want but try this...

awk -v FNT=${FileNameTemplate} '{print FNT}' $file

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