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Old 08-25-2009

This hold goods if we are using printf .... but can we get this out using 'ECHO'
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Old 08-25-2009
  • As Ken has already shown, you can do this with echo easily enough.
    (It might require a -e flag or setting IFS depending on your implementation of echo, but it works with neither on /usr/bin/echo for Solaris 9)
  • wc -c will list the number of characters (in your situation that works for bytes too).
  • Integer maths in shell can be done using expr (eg `expr 80 - /usr/bin/echo "${myoutput}\c" | wc -c`)
  • You can generate a string of X bytes using echo and a for-do loop.
Let us know which parts of the solution remain a problem for you and we can elaborate as required. Smilie

But really, that's pretty convoluted when printf does the job out of the box. Just for my own curiosity, why do you need to use echo?

It makes me wonder; Is this a homework question? If so we can still help but you need to move this thread (ask a moderator) and fill out the homework question template.
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Old 08-25-2009

If this is a homework question .... am in dumb to post it here Smilie ...... anyway still my question is un-answered ... let me give it out ...

Current scenario:

$var_datafile = MYFILE.TXT

PROD_DT=`date '+%Y%m%d %H:%M'`
NO_OF_ROWS=`cat "$var_datafile"|wc -l|tr -d ' '`


  • Each row should be of 80 byte length...
  • Even though the value gets changed for $NO_OF_ROWS , but the byte length must remain constant .
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Old 08-25-2009
typeset -L80 NO_OF_ROWS="NUMBER OF RECORDS "=`cat MYFILE.TXT |wc -l|tr -d ' '`
typeset -L80 PROD_DT="\nFILE CREATION DATE&TIME "`date '+%Y%m%d %H:%M'`
echo "${NO_OF_ROWS}${PROD_DT}"

Assume you use ksh.
Each row isalso 80 bytes.

I too think this is a homework question.
Let me watch.
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Old 08-26-2009

Explain why you can't live with a simple printf or any of the other suggestions given, ty.
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Old 08-26-2009
Originally Posted by Samtel
If this is a homework question .... am in dumb to post it here Smilie ...... anyway still my question is un-answered ... let me give it out ...
If this is not homework, then why must you use echo v. printf?

Only homework questions require such things. Real world work problems do not require echo, they require the correct commands / tools for the job.

I am going to close this thread unless Samtel explains exactly why he cannot use printf (or anything other than echo).
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Old 08-26-2009
Come to think of it, I fully concur with you Neo.
I think I should not have given the full answer.
Wth out the printf typeset is the only alternative.
And I think that is what they were looking for the students to come up with.
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