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Bash & Ksh

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Old Unix and Linux 08-24-2009   -   Original Discussion by talashil
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Bash & Ksh

I am using a Linux machine and it's default shell is BASH . I have korn shell script and inside it's setting environment variables. But after execuitng the script those env values are not holding the values . If I run the script outside of that ksh script with source a.sh , it's able to hold to values .

what I am trying to do is ...inside the ksh

I tried to like this ..

source a.sh

and if I run it in debug mode , it's still showing it's executing it as
. a.sh ( default korn shell behaviour) .

any ideas how to do this ?

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Old Unix and Linux 08-24-2009   -   Original Discussion by talashil
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A script isn't going to modify the environment of the parent process - that would make no sense... Is that what you are trying to do?

If so, you need to call it without forking (ie via the . a.sh like you have above).
You can certainly do this inside a script without problems - it's a very common way of putting configuration items used by several scripts in a central file.
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