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Old 08-24-2009
FTP Windows to Unix


I am trying to run the following in a bat file. It works fine as stand alone commands

]ftp.exe<linux box>
lcd "C:\Documents and Settings\PCLE12661\Mes documents\Emulation\Dax Prices"
cd /home/dsdev/other/in


I put the userid and password on the same line as the linux box but it still fails to take them in.

Do I have to put them in a script and do ftp.exe <script> or can I do it via a batch ?

Additionally, I tried to use open <linux box> in the batch file but this was rejected.

Any pointers gratefully received.
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Old 08-24-2009
Here is an example MSDOS Batch file to adapt. Microsoft ftp syntax is pretty much the same as unix. We create a file containing the commands and then refer to that file in the ftp command line. The username and password go on the same line in that file.
Personally I would issue a local "cd" first rather than a ftp "lcd" because ftp is hopeless at dealing with names containing spaces.
If all your variables are static just put the ftp commands into a file rather than providing them as parameters.
BTW. I got the ftp syntax from the Microsoft website years ago.

REM ftptest3.bat
REM parameter driven with autologin

set X_FILE=%1
set X_USER=%2
set X_PASS=%3
set X_SERV=%4

echo user %X_USER% %X_PASS% > ftptest3.inp
echo ascii >> ftptest3.inp
echo get %X_FILE% >> ftptest3.inp
echo quit >> ftptest3.inp

ftp -n -s:ftptest3.inp %X_SERV%

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Old 08-25-2009
Thanks for this. This works perfectly
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