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How to append using sed

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Old 08-24-2009
How to append using sed

Hello all,

I want to use sed to append a variable stored in $i, how do i do that?
$i contains a path to a directory and i want to append it before the result i get from awk statement, before affecting awk results.

rite now out put i get from code below is:-

The path is: /net/icebox/vol/local_images/spins/7.1/CQ/7.1.D081110/

Output desired:-

The path is: /net/icebox/vol/local_images/spins/7.1/CQ/7.1.D081110/
basement.sun5   /net/icebox/vol/local_images/spins/7.1/CQ/7.1.D081110/
msgcat.JPN.sun5  /net/icebox/vol/local_images/spins/7.1/CQ/7.1.D081110/ 
perl.sun5  /net/icebox/vol/local_images/spins/7.1/CQ/7.1.D081110/ 
CMServer.CQ.sun5   /net/icebox/vol/local_images/spins/7.1/CQ/7.1.D081110/

check_sun() {
for i in $SUN_PLATFORM
$ECHO "The path is: " $i
$LS $i | $GREP .su |  $AWK -F"_" '{print $1}'


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Old 08-24-2009
$LS $i | $GREP .su |  $AWK -F"_" '{print $1, path}' path="${i}"

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Old 08-24-2009
Thanks, that worked

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