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Old 08-23-2009
Change of group to different users

Need to change the chgrp for different uses

d---rwx--t    3 root  764      4096 Mar 16  2007 algavi
d---rwx--t    6 root 2857      4096 Jul 16 11:28 alharki
d---rwx--t    5 root 2739      4096 Oct 14  2008 alpen
d---rwx--t    5 root  546      4096 Mar 16  2007 alvarez
d---rwx--t    3 root 2689      4096 Sep 29  2008 amerac
d---rwx--t    3 root 2503      4096 Nov  1  2008 amplifiedstatic
d---rwx--t    3 root  501      4096 Mar 16  2007 anacorte
d---rwx--t    3 root 3062      4096 Feb  6  2009 anbalayam
d---rwx--t    5 root 3028      4096 Feb  1  2009 anerley

The chgrp from numbers to changed to folder names as given.
for eg:
d---rwx--t 3 root 764 4096 Mar 16 2007 algavi
this need to be changed to
d---rwx--t 3 root algavi 4096 Mar 16 2007 algavi

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Old 08-23-2009

since the number of groups in Unix is limited, this doesnt seem to be best idea ?
I have never seen such a weird setup anyways ... why are all these directories owned by root and not by the corresponding users - and the users maybe in groups according to their entities ?

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Old 08-23-2009
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