How to read from txt file and write it to xls?

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Old 08-23-2009
Bug How to read from txt file and write it to xls?

Hello All,

I just want help in coding a simple shell script since i am a newbie for UNIX and i started learning unix and shell scripting basics recently.

I am having a data like this in .txt file.

Product Name : XYZ
Price : 678.1
Best Buy Price : 600

Product Name : ABC
Price : 465
Best Buy Price : 450

and so on..

Now i want to read these datas from the text file and write into a excel file in seperate columns such as

XYZ 678.1 600
ABC 465 450

I hope i will get help with this..
thanks in advance..
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Old 08-23-2009
The easiest way is:

Import into a spreadsheet which supports text iport (all of them?) and support export of .xls files (most of them) and export it as a .xls file.

Did you really want a more difficult way?
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Old 08-23-2009
I really need to learn scripting.. Please post the code..
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Old 08-23-2009
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