Changing Dispatcher's name in Mail-function

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Old 08-21-2009
Changing Dispatcher's name in Mail-function


currently I am using following command to send a mail:

mail -s"Query result" $TO $CC < input_file

It works, but I want to change the dispatcher's name / sender's name.
I tried to find something in "man mail", but I didn't find anything.

can someone help me?


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I tried the option -r and by this it send the mail with new mail address:
mail -r 'NewDispatcher' -s"Overview result" $TO $CC < mail_tmp.$$

sends a mail with
But how can I show an alias for that new dispatcher? Do I need to change a file containing the aliases?
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Old 08-23-2009
Alias? Do you mean the comment portion of the email address?

Maybe this is what you want. I just tried it and it worked.
echo Test | mail -r "Ken Jackson <>" -s Test

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Old 08-24-2009
yes thats exact what I meant, but unfortunately it does not work
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