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Parsing config file

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Old 08-19-2009
Parsing config file

Hi All,

I have a requirement to parse a file.

Let me clear you all on the req.

I have a job which contains multiple tasks and each task will have multiple attributes that will be in the below format. Each task will have some sequence number according to that sequence number tasks shld execute.

S.No. SeqNo# TaskID |Task Name | Attribute Name| Attribute Value1 1 1 | Java | classpath | sample.jar2 1 1 | Java | Runtime | -Xms -5123 2 2 | StoredPro | DB | sample.ini4 2 2 | StoredPro | ProcName | get_emp()
Like in the above format the infomation is written into the file.

The above job has 2 tasks (java, storedPro) with multiple attributes to each job. For example Java:- classpath, Runtime

I want to parse the file and and pick up the task and its attributes and execute as per the sequence number like java has to execute first with all attributes and stored proc fallows.

Please advice how can i achieve this.

Appriciate if any links or sample code.

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nsd-checkconf(8)                                                    nsd 3.2.12                                                    nsd-checkconf(8)

nsd-checkconf - NSD configuration file checker. SYNOPSIS
nsd-checkconf [-v] [-h] [-o option] [-z zonename] [-s keyname] configfile DESCRIPTION
nsd-checkconf reads a configuration file. It prints parse errors to standard error, and performs additional checks on the contents. The configfile format is described in nsd.conf(5). The utility of this program is to check a config file for errors before using it in nsd(8) or zonec(8). This program can also be used for shell scripts to access the nsd config file, using the -o and -z options. OPTIONS
-v After reading print the options to standard output in configfile format. Without this option, only success or parse errors are reported. -h Print usage help information and exit. -o option Return only this option from the config file. This option can to be used in conjunction with the -z option. The special value zones prints out a list of configured zones. This option is primarily used by nsdc to parse the config file from the shell. If the -z option is given, but the -o option is not given, nothing is printed. -s keyname Prints the key secret (base64 blob) configured for this key in the config file. Used to help shell scripts parse the config file. -z zonename Return the option specified with -o for zone 'zonename'. If this option is not given, the server section of the config file is used. This option is primarily used by nsdc to parse the con- fig file from the shell. The -o, -s and -z option print configfile options to standard output. FILES
/etc/nsd3/nsd.conf default NSD configuration file SEE ALSO
nsd(8), nsdc(8), nsd.conf(5), nsd-notify(8), nsd-patch(8), nsd-xfer(8), zonec(8) AUTHORS
NSD was written by NLnet Labs and RIPE NCC joint team. Please see CREDITS file in the distribution for further details. NLnet Labs jul 19, 2012 nsd-checkconf(8)

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