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Old 08-19-2009
First a moderative hint: you should open a separate thread for different problems, as this will it make easier to search for a specific problem for the future user with a similar (or even the same) problem. Thanks for your consideration.

From what you describe your terminal type is definitely at fault. Either your putty is not configured to act like a vt100 terminal (don't know putty all too well, being blessed with a Unix system to work on) or your termcap database entries for the vt100 are crap. As you said the system is a freshly installed AIX system i suppose the former to be the case.

To make sure the usual terminal definitions are correctly installed issue the following command. Output should be more or less the same as mine (taken from an AIX 5.3 system at ML 09):

# lslpp -l | grep -i term 
  X11.apps.aixterm   COMMITTED  AIXwindows aixterm Application
  X11.apps.xterm     COMMITTED  AIXwindows xterm Application
                     COMMITTED  AIXwindows aixterm Messages -
  bos.terminfo.rte   COMMITTED  Run-time Environment for AIX
                    COMMITTED  Virtual Terminal Physical
                     COMMITTED  Virtual Terminal Devices
                     COMMITTED  Virtual Terminal Devices
                     COMMITTED  Virtual Terminal Devices
                    COMMITTED  Virtual Terminal Devices 
  bos.terminfo.ansi.data  COMMITTED  Amer National Stds Institute
                                                 Terminal Defs
  bos.terminfo.com.data  COMMITTED  Common Terminal Definitions
  bos.terminfo.dec.data  COMMITTED  Digital Equipment Corp.
                                                 Terminal Definitions
  bos.terminfo.ibm.data  COMMITTED  IBM Terminal Definitions
  bos.terminfo.pc.data  COMMITTED  Personal Computer Terminal
  bos.terminfo.print.data  COMMITTED  Generic Line Printer Terminal
                     COMMITTED  Televideo Terminal Definitions
  bos.terminfo.wyse.data  COMMITTED  Wyse Terminal Definitions

I hope this helps.

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