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Old 09-02-2009
Sorry for not responding to this sooner...

...and used your on and off switch command
$ ./manageCron -e backup  << enable
$ ./manageCron -d backup  << disable

and test output log was created whenever cron was enabled.
Sorry for the confusion, but this is not how the manageCron script works.

The command takes two arguments:
The first argument is the enable/disable flag.
You can use -d or --d or -disable or --disable to create a file.
You can use -e or --e or -enable or --enable to delete a file.

The second argument is the name of the file that you want created - this is the name of the file that cron will look for before starting the process that you are managing.
$ ./manageCron -e filename
$ ./manageCron -d filename

The process is simply the name of the file that you will be "touching" and then checking for in the crontab before running the script:
[ ! -f /var/tmp/croncontrol/filename ]

I hope that this helps - I'll send a message to you as well to ensure that you get this information.


- Avron
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