Using cp: preserving file/folder attributes and auto creating folders

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Old 08-11-2009
Using cp: preserving file/folder attributes and auto creating folders


Is there a way to use cp in such a way that when a file is copied to a destination, the required destination folders are automatically created with the proper permissions, and the resulting copied file has the same attributes as the original. For example if I copied /System/Library/Extensions.mkext to /somefolder/System/Library/Extensions.mkext the System and Library folders in somefolder would automatically be created with correct permissions and the file would be copied with the same attributes as the original.

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Old 08-11-2009
cpio with the "-p" switch is described in "man cpio" and "man find".
This is the best way to copy whole trees intact.

For example (as O/S was not stated, this is does not take account of links):

cd source_dir
find . -print|cpio -pdumv /destination_dir

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