regular expression grepping lines with VARIOUS number of blanks

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Old 08-11-2009
What I posted works on my GNU sed on my Debian box. For AIX I had to remove the backslash in front of the +.

echo "*        Runjob=1" |grep -E "^\*[[:space:]]+Runjob=1"

Which works on the GNU sed too I just saw. I think without backslash is correct anyway since it should be interpreted and not be protected.
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Old 08-11-2009

I am sorry to say, but it none of these commands work.
Maybe the reason is because I need it in bash-shell?!

For instance when I try following code

egrep '^*[ ]+Runjob=1' test.ini

egrep '*[ ]+Runjob=1' test.ini

I get the return message

*?+ not preceded by valid expression

Can someone help me?

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following code worked:

grep -e "\*[ ]+*.*Runjob=1"

I'll try it right now, again thanks a lot to all of you Smilie
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