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Old 08-07-2009
Two solutions:
1. using eval
2. using IFS, which fpmurphy also demonstrated

#! /bin/sh


# solution 1 - two passes using eval
eval `echo $LINE | awk -F: '{printf("account=\"%s\";schedule=\"%s\";unixlist=\"%s\";ntlist=\"%s\";urllist=\"%s\";pinglist=\"%s\";ntpassfile=\"%s\";",$1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7)}'`
echo "SOLUTION-1:"
echo "account=$account"
echo "schedule=$schedule"
echo "unixlist=$unixlist"
echo "ntlist=$ntlist"
echo "urllist=$urllist"
echo "pinglist=$pinglist"
echo "ntpassfile=$ntpassfile"

# solution 2 - set IFS to be colon to help filtering
set -- $LINE
echo "SOLUTION-2:"
echo "account=$1"
echo "schedule=$2"
echo "unixlist=$3"
echo "ntlist=$4"
echo "urllist=$5"
echo "pinglist=$6"
echo "ntpassfile=$7"

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Old 08-07-2009

# only ksh
echo $line | IFS=":" read v1 v2 v3 vx
echo "A v1:$v1, v2:$v2"

# ksh+bash:
IFS=":" read v1 v2 v3 vx <<EOF
echo "C v1:$v1, v2:$v2"

# ksh+bash:
array=( $line )
echo "D v1:${array[0]}, v2:${array[1]}"

And all previous ...

In ksh you can use also set to array (compare chihung set), save current IFS, set IFS=:" and return IFS. Values are in the array, starting index 0.
set -A array -- $line

Using awk to parse only one line, awk is slowest, but if whole script has done using awk, awk is much faster as ksh/bash/sh script.
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Old 08-07-2009
thank you everyone.. got it, happy scripting.
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Old 08-08-2009
Using bash shell arrays

IFS=: comps=($line)

will do it.
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