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search and replace fixed length record file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting search and replace fixed length record file
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Old 08-06-2009
search and replace fixed length record file


I need to be search a file of fixed length records and when I hit a particular record that match a search string, substitute a known position field

In the example file below

THEAD0000000002Y0000000012 P00000000000000001234
THEAD0000000004Y0000000044 N00000000000000001299

I need to only consider the THEAD records and swap the Ps to Ns, and visa versa, in position 40,

Thanks in advance

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ausearch_add_interpreted_item - build up search rule SYNOPSIS
#include <auparse.h> int ausearch_add_interpreted_item(auparse_state_t *au, const char *field, const char *op, const char *value, ausearch_rule_t how); DESCRIPTION
ausearch_add_interpreted_item adds one search condition to the current audit search expression. The search conditions can then be used to scan logs, files, or buffers for something of interest. The field value is the field name that the value will be checked for. The op vari- able describes what kind of check is to be done. Legal op values are: exists just check that a field name exists = locate the field name and check that the value associated with it is equal to the value given in this rule. != locate the field name and check that the value associated with it is NOT equal to the value given in this rule. The value parameter is compared to the interpreted field value (the value that would be returned by auparse_interpret_field(3)). The how value determines how this search condition will affect the existing search expression if one is already defined. The possible val- ues are: AUSEARCH_RULE_CLEAR Clear the current search expression, if any, and use only this search condition. AUSEARCH_RULE_OR If a search expression E is already configured, replace it by (E || this_search_condition). AUSEARCH_RULE_AND If a search expression E is already configured, replace it by (E && this_search_condition). RETURN VALUE
Returns -1 if an error occurs; otherwise, 0 for success. SEE ALSO
ausearch_add_expression(3), ausearch_add_item(3), ausearch_add_timestamp_item(3), ausearch_add_regex(3), ausearch_set_stop(3), ause- arch_clear(3), ausearch_next_event(3), ausearch-expression(5). AUTHOR

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