Filter the column and print the result based on condition

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Old 08-06-2009
Question Filter the column and print the result based on condition

Hi all

This is my output of the some SQL Query

------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ---------- --------- --------- ----------
RBS /oracle104/LCSCT1/data/rbs01.dbf 1,000 200 800 20
RBS /oracle108/LCSCT1/data/rbs02.dbf 2,000 1,125 875 56.25
TEMP /oracle101/LCSCT1/data/temp01.dbf 1,500 1,487 13 99.1333333
TEMP /oracle108/LCSCT1/data/temp02.dbf 1,000 987 13 98.7
TOOLS /oracle104/LCSCT1/data/tools01.dbf 50 1 49 2
TOOLS /oracle108/LCSCT1/data/tools03.dbf 500 171 329 34.2
USERS /oracle104/LCSCT1/data/users01.dbf 50 49 1 98
USERS /oracle104/LCSCT1/data/users02.dbf 50 48 2 96
SYSTEM /oracle101/LCSCT1/data/system01.dbf 350 60 290 17.1428571
EASY_LOB01 /oracle107/LCSCT1/data/easy_lob01.dbf 8,000 8,000 0 100
LTK_DATA01 /oracle106/LCSCT1/data/ltk_data01.dbf 4,000 2,404 1,596 60.1
EASY_DATA01 /oracle105/LCSCT1/data/easy_data01.dbf 18,000 3,410 14,590 18.9444444
LTK_INDEX01 /oracle108/LCSCT1/data/ltk_index01.dbf 2,000 1,454 546 72.7
EASY_INDEX01 /oracle106/LCSCT1/data/easy_index01.dbf 5,000 4,960 40 99.2

Now i want to get the all the row's whose "FREE" column output (In this case is the Sixth field) is less than 10.
I want it in seprate file.
To acheive this is did something like,I am not sure its write or wrong.

if [ `cat Datafile_usage.alert | awk -F' ' '{ print $6 }'` le 10 ]
echo "This should print all the rows"

on this i got the following error
unknown operator -------
This is might be because of "------" line , please help me out how to remove those line and how to get the desired output.

This i did to test the things
if [ `cat Datafile_usage.alert | awk -F' ' '{ print $6 }'` le 10 ]
echo "This should print all the rows"
"no Problem"
But i dont want the echo statement , but i want the entire rows

Thanks In Advance
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Old 08-06-2009
awk '{if ($NF <= 10) {print $0}}' file

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Old 08-06-2009
awk '(NR > 2) && ($NF < 10)' file1

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