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Old 08-31-2009
Got it! Thanks again, Dr. House. When I was trying to figure this out, I would always include one in quotes, but not the other, so I could never get it to work. I did have to tweak it a bit, because my rookie scripting does things that probably should not be done... I had one variable inside of another.
So, I had:


In addition to putting the argument in Cron in quotes, and adding the $1 in quotes, I also had to go through the script, and every occurrence of Variable2 had to be put in quotes. I couldn't see it by looking at it, and being new enough that I didn't understand BASH variable expansion and such, but I kind of just stumbled on it by looking at the files that the script was creating, and wondering why I had two log files ('mediaserver.Bill' and 'Info.remotebackup.errors.txt') instead of one long-filenamed error log.
Thanks for the push in the right direction!
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