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Old 08-06-2009
Are you sure that your script has done using ksh ? What is your SHELL variable value ?
1st line:

and execute flag is on ?

or run it using ksh
ksh script

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Script without firstline #!programpath and execute flag is on and you give scriptname, then
script has done using variable SHELL value. Always programpath with correct options in the first line in scriptfile. Awk, sh, sed, perl, python, ...

Safety testing always:
interpreter scriptfile
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Old 08-06-2009
As said, the < is just when using bash in this example.
Also as said, leave out the useless cat. The most tools can read files on their own and don't need it to be cat'ed & piped.

Use for ksh:
VAR=`awk 'NR == 4 {print $1}' infile`
echo ${VAR}

I changed to awk so you get rid of leading spaces this way.
Try it in your script and tell if it does not work.
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Old 08-06-2009
Works fine on my AIX box with ksh.
$ cat read.ksh

sed -n '4{;p;q;}' log.out | read value
echo "Value is '$value'"

$ cat log.out


$ read.ksh
Value is '1'

If the value that you want to read is the last one in the file, you can replace your sed command by this awk command :
awk 'NF {v=$1} END {print v}' log.out

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Old 08-06-2009
Thanks for your replies guys

@kshji, i have the first line as

Earlier i was running it as
sh -vx script_name


At that time, it was not able to read the value. But after i used ksh, i was able to read the value.
But still it throws an error. the error is
test1.ksh[20]: 4,4p: is not an identifier

@Jean-Pierrre, the script runs fine in AIX. But it is throwing a problem in SunOS. I have two servers.

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Actually i was using << before read command, then i replaced it with <. But now it throws an another error. Please see the log below.

read value < sed -n '4,4p' log.out;
+ read value -n 4,4p log.out
+ test1.ksh[20]: sed: cannot open

Please let me know where i am going wrong..
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Old 08-06-2009
If you like to test script with ksh then call
ksh script

not ex. sh.

This works with ksh, bash, zsh and all other posix-sh
value=$(sed -n "4,4p" log.out)
echo "$value"

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Old 08-06-2009
cool that worked like charm.. i think i was just trying to understand why we are not able to use "|" in the SunOS. Anyways thanks for your help.. Thanks all
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Old 08-06-2009
SunOS include same command many times, different version (many other *nix has same status).
There is own old binary = compatible, xpg4 spec version, u95 version, gnu, posix, ...

I think, if you try find, you'll find more than one ksh.
find / -name ksh
find / -name sed

Try | using with all those ksh.

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If you like to use latest ksh, then
download from ATT
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