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Old 08-05-2009
Problems with Syntax

I'm an experienced programmer that is new to shell scripting. I'm putting together a shell script that erases all files of a certain age. These files are in directories provided on lines of a file that is provided via command line argument and takes any errors(permissions, etc) and emails them to a user. If someone could help me clean up my syntax it would be greatly appreciated.
My idea of what the script should look like: (assuming $file and $days passed in from command line)
foreach($line of $file)
  find $line -mtime +$days -exec r -f{}\; > errors.txt
x=(wc -l < errors.txt)
  mail -s "errors" < errors.txt

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Old 08-05-2009
I don't know what the r command does, but try this:
while read line; do
    find $line -mtime +$days -exec r -f {} \; > errors.txt
    test -s errors.txt  &&  mail -s "errors" < errors.txt
done < $file

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Old 08-06-2009
replace ....

  mail -s "errors" < errors.txt


if [ $x>0 ]; then  mail -s "errors" < errors.txt;fi

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Old 08-06-2009
# or bash
# cleanscript
# arg1 = file, arg2= days

[ $# != 2 ] && echo "usage:$0 dirlistfile days" >&2  && exit 1

cat "$file" | while read line 
  find $line -mtime +$days -exec rm -f  {} \; 2> errors.txt
  # do cmd and put stdout to the var
  x=$( wc -l < errors.txt )
  # numeric testing builtin
  if  ((  x>0  ))
  # or using test or [  builtin command
  # if [ "$x" -gt 0 ]
         mail -s "errors" < errors.txt

chmod a+rx cleanscript
./cleanscript dirlistfile  7

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