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comparing list values in Perl

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Old 08-05-2009
comparing list values in Perl

I have tab separated list:
KB0005 1019 T IFVATVPVI 0.691 PKC YES
KB0005 1036 T YFLQTSQQL 0.785 PKC YES
KB0005 508 S ENIISGVSY 0.507 cdc2 YES
KB0005 511 S ISGVSYDEY 0.994 unsp YES
KB0005 512 Y SGVSYDEYR 0.573 unsp YES
KB204320 1019 T IFVATVPVI 0.699 PKC YES
KB204320 1036 T YFLQTSQQL 0.185 PKC YES
KB204320 1037 S FLQTSQQLK 0.589 DNAPK YES
KB204320 511 S IFGVSYDEY 0.644 CKII YES
KB204320 511 S IFGVSYDEY 0.980 unsp YES
i need to compare lines that corresponds to one another giving in theoutput either the difference between column5, or just the msg that the line in one case is missing, so:
KB0005 has different value (0.785-0.185) at position 1036 T PKC
KB0005 has additional resukt (0.521) at position 515
Would be frateful for any help Smilie
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Old 08-05-2009
looks like a duplicate of your other thread:

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