chmod for great number of files

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Old 08-05-2009
chmod for great number of files

Hi all,

I have a script who generate as an output a lot of files (the number is highly variable : 500 to more than 10000).
At the end of this script I need to do a "chmod" on all those files. I tried [CODEchmod 777 *][/CODE]
but it says
-bash: /bin/chmod: Argument list too long

So it seems that chmod can't perform on large amount of files. So does anyone knows how I could do that?

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Old 08-05-2009
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Old 08-05-2009
You best do a recursive chmod on the whole directory

chmod -R 700 /tmp/example

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Old 08-05-2009
Another way, instead of
chmod 777 *

echo * | xargs chmod 777

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Old 08-05-2009
thanks a lot Jean-Pierre, you save my life! SmilieSmilie
And maybe you could save me a 2nd time if you say me hox to remove all those files...
I tried
rm *

but it always says "argument list too long"....

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Old 08-05-2009
if "chmod" works with xargs, why not "rm"?

echo * | xargs rm

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Old 08-06-2009
well, in this case, the shell will says that there is too few arguments for "rm"
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