Bash Shell script--need help

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Old 08-04-2009
Bash Shell script--need help

Hi all,

i am beginner to unix and trying out a shell script which does the following. i have to calculate a persons salary. his salary is read from the keyboard. he has two types of deductions. 40% as dearness allowance and 20% as house rent. i have to print the gross salary. here is the code i've come up with. when i executed the shell script it says

expr: non-numeric argument

echo what is your salary\?
read salary
Deduction=`expr $DA \* $salary`
rentdeduct=`expr $rent \* $salary`
grossalary=`expr $salary - \($Deduction + $rentdeduct\)`
echo $grossalary

thanks chaitanya

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hey guys, i modified the script a little here is the code now

echo what is your salary\?
read salary
Deduction=`echo $DA \* $salary | bc`
rentdeduct=`echo $rent \* $salary | bc`
grossalary=`echo $salary - \($Deduction + $rentdeduct\) | bc`
echo $grossalary

I am getting an o/p as 2400, i.e. when i enter the salary as 6000. now the script doesnt seem to calculate rentdeduct and grossalary.


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Old 08-04-2009
I use ksh in my script, this is one reason - builtin float calculation support.
# LANG set to C = no locale delimeter , / . and so on
echo -n "what is your salary ?"
read salary
(( Deduction=DA * $salary  ))
(( rentdeduct=rent * salary  ))
(( grossalary=salary - Deduction + rentdeduct  ))
echo "$grossalary"
# or better for output
printf "%.2f\n" "$grossalary"

Or if use bash, then use bc "calculator":
value=$( echo "$num1 * $num2" | bc )

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Old 08-04-2009
Add set -x to the script just after your bash definition to see some debugging output, you'll probably be able to find where you're making incorrect calculations.
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Old 08-04-2009
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Old 08-05-2009
Originally Posted by DukeNuke2
To keep the forums high ...
Why this text is added so many threads. Example this. I can't see any problem in previous messages. I hope when you are adding this constant long text using cut-paste, you add also link to the message, easier to understand your meanings. If you mean this time those bold text, then tell it only. This kind of noice without meaning make reading more heavy.

Not so soul.
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this text is added cause the members don't use CODE tags. it is a rule to use these... i've edited the OP thread and added code tags... also it is not your work to do moderation. if you've questions use the proper forum (feedback) cause THIS post makes reading realy more heavy!
for direct question to a mod or admin there is also the way of using a PM instead.
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