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how to find server name

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to find server name
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Old 08-04-2009
how to find server name

How to find server name , i need command .
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Old 08-04-2009
uname -n
uname --help

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Old 08-04-2009
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Old 08-04-2009
this does not solve purpose

uname -n ==it gives machine name not server name
host name == gives current host system

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Old 08-04-2009
What is the Difference between them ??
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Old 08-04-2009
Not enough information. Please state the Operating System of the computers involved and how you are connecting between them. Also please make it clear which is the client and which is the server.

If you know the IP address you can try looking up the name with "nslookup".
man nslookup

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Old 08-04-2009
maybe you mean server model..
try (solaris)

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