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Old 08-03-2009
search and goto next line then take the output

Hi All,

I have a file in which the contents are as shown below:

Number of Dynamic Addresses Allocated : 107790 Addresses:,,,,.. (many ip addresses separated by comma)

Number of Static Addresses ......

In this file there are static Ips as well but I am interested only in dynamic Ips.

I would like my output should only include Dynamic Addresses in this format||||.....

What command or script i should write to get only dynamic ips in pipe separated format.

Your help is appreciated.

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Old 08-03-2009
Hope this will be helpful

$ cat f1
Number of Dynamic Addresses Allocated : 107790 Addresses:,,,,,,,
Number of Static Addresses Allocated : 107791 Addresses:,,,,,,,
Number of Static Addresses Allocated : 107792 Addresses:,,,,,,,
Number of Dynamic Addresses Allocated:107793 Addresses:,,,,,,,

$ sed -n '/Number of Dynamic/','/Number of Static/p'  f1|grep -v "[a-zA-Z]"|tr "," "|"||||||||||||||

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Old 08-03-2009
Another approach:

awk -F, 'NR>1{OFS="|";$1=$1}/Static Addresses/{exit}{print}' file

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Old 08-03-2009
Hi ranjithPr,

Thank you very much for this piece of code
sed -n '/Number of Dynamic/','/Number of Static/p' f1|grep -v "[a-zA-Z]"|tr "," "|"

It works fine.

Once again thanks a lot.

Also if you could suggest me some book name for learning scripting from abc to programming I will really appreciate.

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