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Old 08-01-2009
Need a modification on this script

Hi All

I have files contains rows which look like this:

2 20090721_16:58:47.173 JSUD2 JD1M1 20 IAM 966591835270 249918113182 b 3610 ACM b 3614 ACM b 3713 CPG b 3717 CPG f 5799 REL b 5815 RLC b 5817 RLC :COMMA: NCI=00,FCI=6101,CPC=0A,TMR=00,OFI=00,USI: :COMMB: BCI=1234: :RELCAUSE:10:

20090721_16:48:50.026 JD1M1 JSUD1 331 IAM 249912056044 966595603897 f 211 COT b 3998 ACM b 10352 CPG b 13938 ANM f 603080 REL b 603232 RLC :COMMA: NCI=18,FCI=2001,CPC=0A,TMR=00,USI,ACT: :COMMB: BCI=0214: :RELCAUSE:10:

I need a script which cut the following fields :
1- Last Field (RELCAUSE:*)
2-TimeStamp Field ($2)
3-$3 ,$4
4- the field which is before REL by 2 fields ( i am highlighting it), but note that the REL location is variable ( I mean that in this row it is in $22 , may be in the next row it will be in $15)

I have created a script but it is not working it gives me usually Syntax Error in Line 4 unexpected '('


for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) if (i>2&& $i=="REL"){
n= split($NF,a, ":")
print $3,$4,$5,$7,$8,foo,a[n-1]
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Old 08-01-2009
The for loop should looks like:

for(i=3;i<=NF;i++) {
  if ($i=="REL"){

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