Wrapper script to refresh test database with production data

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Old 07-30-2009
Wrapper script to refresh test database with production data

Hi All,

I'm new here as well as to UNIX.

I need to write a wrapper script to refresh test database with production data. A set of tables are given as well as a particular data range. The script should prompt the user for both production and test logon credentials.

Pl. help me with this.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 07-30-2009
What database?

Are you on a SAN?

If the db is small you can export the db to tape or across your network, then import it. We need more information.
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Old 07-30-2009
thank you for replying...

Am on Sybase database(12.5). I have the following script ready. The requirement mentioned user should be prompted for source and target logon credentials.

# Shell Script to do a complete refresh of table data from ODS schema
echo "Enter the production Server name or ip address"
read prod_server_nm
echo "Enter the production user name"
read prod_user_nm
echo "Enter the production Server password "
read prod_pwd
echo "Enter the QA Server name or ip address"
read QA_server_nm
echo "Enter the QA user name"
read QA_user_nm
echo "Enter the QA Server password "
read QA_pwd

#od_table_nm.txt is the file name in which the table names will be stored for ODS schema
var=`cat od_table_nm.txt`
for table_nm in $var; do
echo $table_nm
isql -S $QA_server_nm -U $QA_user_nm -P $QA_pwd<< EOF
use odstest
if exists ( select 1 from sysobjects where type = 'U' and name = $table_nm)
delete * from odstest..$table_nm
bcp odstest..$table_nm out ./$table_nm -S $prod_server_nm -U $prod_user_nm -c -e ./$table_nm.bcp_out_err_file.$$ <<!
echo "Loading the data into $table_nm table................"
bcp odstest..$table_nm in ./$table_nm -S $QA_server_nm -U $QA_user_nm -c -e ./$table_nm.bcp_in_err_file <<!

rm -f $table_nm
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