Root owns removable drive and rsync won't work

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Old 07-28-2009
Root owns removable drive and rsync won't work

I'm using rsync to back up to a usb key
rsync -r -t -v -a /home/pc/AGS/ /media/DIESEL/pc/AGS/
It worked fine for a long time, and then not so good. Running from the command line there are a lot of complaints about 'can't chgrp ...'. It's formatted to fat32 so I can read it in all kinds of machines if I need to, so I gather that's why chown and chgrp don't work, certainly I can't get them to work from the command line as su. What I want to do is to have the whole USB key owned by my ordinary login not root. I've gone through reformatting it with gparted, but I can't find any way to set permissions on the volume, and it seems to get set up automatically with root ownership. Is there any way to either set up the volume so my ordinary login can do whatever it wants with the volume, or else is there a way to have my little script work ok even though I don't own the volume?
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OCF_HEARTBEAT_RSYNCD(7) 					OCF resource agents					   OCF_HEARTBEAT_RSYNCD(7)

ocf_heartbeat_rsyncd - Manages an rsync daemon SYNOPSIS
rsyncd [start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all] DESCRIPTION
This script manages rsync daemon SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
binpath The rsync binary path. For example, "/usr/bin/rsync" (optional, string, default "rsync") conffile The rsync daemon configuration file name with full path. For example, "/etc/rsyncd.conf" (optional, string, default "/etc/rsyncd.conf") bwlimit This option allows you to specify a maximum transfer rate in kilobytes per second. This option is most effective when using rsync with large files (several megabytes and up). Due to the nature of rsync transfers, blocks of data are sent, then if rsync determines the transfer was too fast, it will wait before sending the next data block. The result is an average transfer rate equaling the specified limit. A value of zero specifies no limit. (optional, string, no default) SUPPORTED ACTIONS
This resource agent supports the following actions (operations): start Starts the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 20s. stop Stops the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 20s. monitor Performs a detailed status check. Suggested minimum timeout: 20s. Suggested interval: 60s. validate-all Performs a validation of the resource configuration. Suggested minimum timeout: 20s. meta-data Retrieves resource agent metadata (internal use only). Suggested minimum timeout: 5s. EXAMPLE
The following is an example configuration for a rsyncd resource using the crm(8) shell: primitive p_rsyncd ocf:heartbeat:rsyncd op monitor depth="0" timeout="20s" interval="60s" SEE ALSO AUTHOR
Linux-HA contributors (see the resource agent source for information about individual authors) resource-agents UNKNOWN 06/09/2014 OCF_HEARTBEAT_RSYNCD(7)