call a script from another script passing parameters

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Old 07-28-2009
call a script from another script passing parameters

I want to call script2 from script1 passing parameters. I want to read the parameters list in script1, check the local directory (for example - lpath1|lpath2|lpath3|lpath4|lpath5|) for the existance of files and set the` lcount` to the number of files in this folder (`

- if lcount > 0 , I want to call script2 with input parameters and then process the next line of the parameter list

Here is an example of a parameter list:
key1|IP1|user1|pass1|lpath1|lpath2|lpath3|lpath4|lpath5|lcount|rpath1|rpath2|rpath3|rpath4|rpath5|em ail1 |email2

key2|IP2|user2|pass2|lpath1|lpath2|lpath3|lpath4|lpath5|lcount|rpath1|rpath2|rpath3|rpath4|rpath5|em ail1 |email2

Key3|IP3|user3|pass3|lpath1|lpath2|lpath3|lpath4|lpath5|lcount|rpath1|rpath2|rpath3|rpath4|rpath5|em ail1 |email2
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Old 07-28-2009
why you wanna call second script.. make that second script as function and call it where ever you want..
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Old 07-28-2009
The second script will ftp all files from specific host folder to a client server (from the list). Also need to archive all transferred files, send a message (email) if any file was not transferred successfully and save (email) a ftp log after the script's execution.
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