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Old 07-28-2009
Sorry and many thnks..... Smilie
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Inserting a blank line at the end of a .txt file?

Hi there, I am having this problem: a) I am uploading a txt file from windows (notepad) with some Gaussian 09 command lines; b) Gaussian needs in certain command files, that those files have a blank line at the end of the file! c) I open the command file with vi and no blank line at the of... (2 Replies)
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Inserting new line

Hi all, I want ot print a header with new line in the end. I am using echo like echo "this is header" I want output like This is header $ I tried -e also but it's not working. echo - e Can anyone help please? (6 Replies)
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Inserting semicolon at the end of a line

HI Am totally confused with sed and translate command command.. My problem is I have a file like # vi test.csv ABC_IMUY ERD0_FN VEG_NON_DES_IYT BUY4_FLOW POI_SHD_URDF_IYUT_REDS_CYC UYT_PMC4_WIND EX_FRE_FRD_L2_REF_FLICT JHY_SGT_DSE_L2 IYO_HYTR_FGT_L3_BGT_ICT... (5 Replies)
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Commenting a specific line and inserting a new line after commented line.

Hello All, I have following file contents cat file #line=aaaaaa #line=bbbbbb #line=cccccc #line=dddddd line=eeeeee #comment=11111 #comment=22222 #comment=33333 #comment=44444 comment=55555 Testing script Good Luck! I would like to comment line line=eeeeee and insert a new line... (19 Replies)
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Help with inserting a line

Hello, I am new to this forum. I have a question in Unix shell scripting. Here is my requirement I have 1000 files and I need to insert a header with one line at the top of each of the 1000 files. Please let me know if you have any solution for this Thanks in advance. Raj (4 Replies)
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Friends , I have a large file and i need to insert a line after every line.I am actually unaware how to do it.Any help appreciated. My File control station *ATM* , qread $OSS.Jul13A.FI01 interval 1 intcount 1 control station *ATM* , qread $OSS.Jul13A.FI02 interval 1 intcount... (4 Replies)
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Inserting a ' at the end of each line

Hi all, I can use the following command to insert a ' at the beginning of each line sed "s/^/'/g" test.txt > test1.txt However, I'm unable to use the following to insert a ' at the end of each line in this way sed "s/$/'/g" test.txt > test1.txt Any... (3 Replies)
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Inserting control characters at the end of each line

How to add control characters at the end of each line in a file? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Shobana (2 Replies)
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Inserting a line before the line which matches the patter

Hi Is there any command where we can insert a line "2|||" before every line starting with "3|" my input is as follows 1|ETG|12345 3|79.58|||GBP|| 1|ETG|12345 3|79.58|||GBP|| 1|ETG|12345 2|EN_GB||Electrogalvanize 0.5 m2 ( Renault ) 1|ETG|12345 3|88.51|||GBP|| desired output... (10 Replies)
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Inserting a new line

I have a file where each line starts with a "update" statement. I want to insert a new line, after each line, with the words "go" in the new line. Can someone help me out with this? (1 Reply)
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YAZ-URL(1)							     Commands								YAZ-URL(1)

yaz-url - YAZ URL fetch utility SYNOPSIS
yaz-url [-H name:value] [-m method] [-O fname] [-p fname] [-u user/password] [-x proxy] [url...] DESCRIPTION
yaz-url is utility to get web content. It is very limited in functionality compared to programs such as curl, wget. The options must be precede the URL given on the command line to take effect. Fetched HTTP content is written to stdout, unless option -O is given. OPTIONS
-H name:value Specifies HTTP header content with name and value. This option can be given multiple times (for different names, of course). -m method Specifies the HTTP method to be used for the next URL. Default is method "GET". However, option -p sets it to "POST". -O fname Sets output filename for HTTP content. -p fname Sets a file to be POSTed in the folloing URL. -u user/password Specifies a user and a password to be uesd in HTTP basic authentication in the following URL fetch. The user and password must be separated by a slash (this it is not possible to specify a user with a slash in it). -x proxy Specifies a proxy to be used for URL fetch. SEE ALSO
yaz(7) YAZ 4.2.30 04/16/2012 YAZ-URL(1)