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Need help ( sh: not found )

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Old 07-27-2009
Question Need help ( sh: not found )

I have the script like this

# To generate URAN alarm in OSS and send to RFOPT

# define date
datestamp=`TZ=BNT+24 date '+%Y%m%d'`
datestamp1=`TZ=BNT+24 date '+%Y-%m-%d'`

# cat fmlist for the all alarm
fmlist > _fmlist-1

# define alarm
cat _fmlist-1 | sed '
s/-PerceivedSeverity\=0/PerceivedSeverity Indeterminate/g;
s/-PerceivedSeverity\=1/PerceivedSeverity Critical/g;
s/-PerceivedSeverity\=2/PerceivedSeverity Major/g;
s/-PerceivedSeverity\=3/PerceivedSeverity Minor/g;
s/-PerceivedSeverity\=4/PerceivedSeverity Warning/g;
s/-PerceivedSeverity\=5/PerceivedSeverity Cleared/g;
s/-ObjectOfReference\=/ObjectOfReference /g' > _fmlist-2

# define URAN alarm
cat _fmlist-2 | grep EventTime | cut -d"=" -f2 | awk '{print substr($1,1,4)"-"substr($1,5,2)"-"substr($1,7,2),substr($1,9,2)":"substr($1,11,2)":"substr($1,13,2)}' > _tmp1
cat _fmlist-2 | grep PerceivedSeverity | awk '{print $2}' > _tmp2
cat _fmlist-2 | grep ObjectOfReference | awk '{print $2}' | tr = , | awk -F, '{ print $2"_"$4","$6 }' > _tmp3
cat _fmlist-2 | grep SPtext | cut -d"=" -f2 > _tmp4

echo "Date/Time ,Severity ,SubNetwork ,MeContext ,Specific Problem " > _tmp6

paste -d "," _tmp1 _tmp2 _tmp3 _tmp4 >> _tmp6
cat _tmp6 | grep $ datestamp1 > Alarmlog_$datestamp.csv
rm -f _fmlist* _tmp*
- When i try to running manually it's running as well, no error
but when i put on the cronjob it give output

sh: /home/nsadm/rfopt/ not found
uname -a
SunOS ossms 5.10 Generic_127127-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V890
Somebody can help me ?

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Old 07-27-2009
try adding these two lines in the begining of the script
. $HOME/.profile

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Old 07-27-2009
Originally Posted by vidyadhar85
try adding these two lines in the begining of the script
. $HOME/.profile

Still same output..
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Old 07-28-2009
try to search the the sh bin.
whereis sh
which sh

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Old 07-28-2009
Originally Posted by ryandegreat25
try to search the the sh bin.
whereis sh
which sh

#:~$ which sh
#:~$ whereis sh
sh: /sbin/sh /usr/bin/sh /usr/man/man1/sh.1
Here's the location..
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Old 07-28-2009
i believe the problem was it cannot find the fmlist. Make that full path or change directory

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Old 07-28-2009

I think the problem is in crontab file

/bin/bash /home/nmsadm/rfopt/ 2> /dev/null
Now OK after i changed crontab file Smilie

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