sort and split file by 2 cols (1 col after the other)

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Old 07-26-2009
sort and split file by 2 cols (1 col after the other)

Dear All,

I am a newbie to shell scripting so this one is really over my head.

I have a text file with five fields as below:

76576.867188 6232.454102 2.008904 55.000000 3
76576.867188 6232.454102 3.607231 55.000000 4
76576.867188 6232.454102 1.555146 65.000000 3
76576.867188 6232.454102 3.226928 65.000000 4
76576.867188 6232.454102 2.180096 100.000000 4
66576.867188 4232.454102 2.944000 0.000000 1
66576.867188 4232.454102 3.549000 0.000000 2
66576.867188 4232.454102 4.517000 0.000000 3

I want to a bash script to sort and split the file using the 4th column and then further split each resulting file by the 5th column.

I tried:


sort $1 | awk '{ file=substr($0,35,5)".tmp"; print >> file }'

for i in 'ls *.tmp'
awk '{ file=substr($0,44,1)".txt"; print >> file }'

but it is not working at all.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

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Old 07-26-2009
What is the desired output?

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Old 07-26-2009
You don't need a full script Smilie
sort -nk4 file | awk '{newfile=$NF".txt";print >  newfile}'

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Old 07-27-2009
To Franklin52 and All,

Sorry for not making myself clear in my earlier post.

I want output files like:

55.000 3.txt
76576.867188 6232.454102 2.008904 55.000000 3
...................................................55.000000 3

55.000 4.txt
76576.867188 6232.454102 3.607231 55.000000 4
...................................................55.000000 4

65.000000 3.txt
76576.867188 6232.454102 1.555146 65.000000 3
...................................................65.000000 3

65.000000 4.txt
76576.867188 6232.454102 3.226928 65.000000 4
...................................................65.000000 4


I am however trying out danmero's sugggestion.


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Hi All

If I keep the 4th field at the same length as below:

76576.867188 6232.454102 2.008904 55.00 3
76576.867188 6232.454102 3.607231 55.00 4
76576.867188 6232.454102 1.555146 65.00 3
76576.867188 6232.454102 3.226928 65.00 4
76576.867188 6232.454102 2.180096 100.0 4
66576.867188 4232.454102 2.944000 0.000 1
66576.867188 4232.454102 3.549000 0.000 2
66576.867188 4232.454102 4.517000 0.000 3

then this:

sort -nk4 myfile | awk '{ file=substr($0,35,7)".txt"; print >> file }'


But I cannot figure it out for variable 4th field length.


I get this error with your code:

".txt' <No such file or directory>n't redirect to '1"
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Old 07-27-2009
Avoid spaces in file names, try this:

sort -nk4 myfile | awk '{ print > $4 "_" $5 ".txt" }'

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Old 07-27-2009
Originally Posted by Ghetz
But I cannot figure it out for variable 4th field length.
The question is why you need the 4th field length to archive your goal?
Take a closer look at my and Franklin52 solutions.
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Old 07-27-2009
I get an error message similar to danmero's with your code:

.txt' <No such file or directory>n't redirect to '0.000_1

I don't need the length of the 4th field per se.
I focused on it out of fustration I guess.

I am still trying to get your code or franklin52's to work.
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