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Old 07-23-2009
Power Read the error and its values from log file

Using informatica tool am loding records from source DB to target DB. While loading some records getting rejected due to some reason. Informatica will capture those rejected records in session log the session log ll be available with rejected records and the reason for the rejection as below

this is the reason for the error existing in log file

ORA-12899: value too large for column "STN"."STN_SAP_MATERIAL_ATTR"."SMA_STD_DESCR" (actual: 19, maximum: 18)
these are the values for the rejected fields:
2009-07-09 15:38:23 : INFO : (5439 | WRITER_1_*_1) : (IS | UDEV811_2_IS) : NDIP_DEV_811_N1 : CMN_1053 : : Rowdata: ( RowType=0(insert) Src Rowid=129406 Targ Rowid=129406
SMA_NET_WEIGHT (SMA_NET_WEIGHT: Double: ) : "0.001"
SMA_VOLUME (SMA_VOLUMESmilieouble: ): "0.001"
SMA_EANUPC (SMA_EANUPC:UniChar.18: ): ""

...........unwanted details.....again above mentioned things ll come.

between both the required details , some not required data also there.

We can read the reason for the rejection using the value ORA- or the tablename mentioned in the same line.
we can jump to the row value details using the keyword Targ Rowid and from next line we can get the values for each fields and should read the values till the close bracket ")".

I have to loop through the whole session log file to get all the rejected rored with reason. and i want the rejection reason and the values in single row and next record's rejection reason and values in next line ... an so on , in new file.

shell script is preferable dude

Plz plz help me on this...
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Old 07-23-2009
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