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sort the csv file

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Old 07-23-2009
sort the csv file

hello ,

the content of a csv file is looking like this...

vah1 , imk4 , LDAP Secure.
vah1 , fmk1 , Not able to SSH
vah1 , fk1 ,Not able to SSH
vah1 , imk1 , LDAP Secure.
vah1 , imk3 , Un-Secured
vah1 , fmk1 , LDAP Secure.
vah1 , fk1 , LDAP Secure.
vah1 , fmk1 , LDAP Secure.
vah1 , fmk1 , LDAP Secure.
vah1 , fmk1 , Un-Secured
vah1 , immk2 , Un-Secured
vah1 , fmmk1 , Un-Secured
vah1 , fmk1 , Un-Secured
vah1 , fmk1 , Un-Secured
vah1 , rmk1 , LDAP Secure.
vah2 , ssr , Un-Secured
vah2 , ib , Un-Secured
vah2 , fesh, LDAP Secure.

i want to group all those which are LDAP Secured, and the group of those which are Un-Secured and one more group for the Local Secure.

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Old 07-23-2009
sort -t',' -k 3,3 input.csv > output.csv

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Old 07-23-2009
Thanks a lot Jim mcnamara...
it works...

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