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joining files based on key column

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting joining files based on key column
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Old 07-22-2009
you're right - it works as expected with Solaris' 'nawk' - I did test it correctly.
The thing is that the nawk's "system" invokes sh (Bourne) and 'test -e' doesn't exist for Bourne shell - see 'man test':
          -e file
                True if file exists. (Not available in sh.)

so one has to use '-f' - as you did:
$ ls
$ nawk -v file=zin.txt 'BEGIN {print file, system("[ -f " file " ]")}' < /dev/null
zin.txt 0
$ nawk -v file=zin5.txt 'BEGIN {print file, system("[ -f " file " ]")}' < /dev/null
zin5.txt 1

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Old 07-22-2009
Originally Posted by vgersh99
you're right - it works as expected with Solaris' 'nawk' - I did test it correctly.
The thing is that the nawk's "system" invokes sh (Bourne) and 'test -e' doesn't exist for Bourne shell - see 'man test':
          -e file
                True if file exists. (Not available in sh.)

so one has to use '-f' - as you did:
Yes, I changed it after I realized that (I got a syntax error).

Another version with Perl:

perl -F'\|' -lane'
    $f1{ $F[0] } = $F[1] and next if @F == 3;
    if ( /at$/ && exists $f1{ $F[0] } ) {
        $F[-2] =~ /(.+)(\.[^.]+)$/;
        $fn = $1 . "_" . $f1{ $F[0] } . $2;
        -e $fn and print $fn;
    }' a1.txt a2.txt

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Old 07-23-2009
Hi ,
Please help on the below scnerio,I have take 1st column from a.txt and compare against b.txt ,if matches ,display the below o/p




Expecting o/p


Thanks &Regards,

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