Getting required fields from a test file in required fromat in unix

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Old 07-22-2009
Getting required fields from a test file in required fromat in unix

My data is something like shown below.
date1 date2 aaa bbbb ccccc
date3 date4 dddd eeeeeee ffffffffff ggggg hh

I want the output like this
date1date2 aaa eeeeee

I serached in the forum but didn't find the exact matching solution. Please help.
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Old 07-22-2009
Please share the detailed requirement with atleast 5-10 lines of sample and 4-5 lines of desired output.
Also list down the conditions to reach to the desired output.
Your query is bit ambiguous. Please do that so that someone can help you.
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Old 07-22-2009
Removed cause the comment appeared twice.

Last edited by rakeshawasthi; 07-22-2009 at 11:26 AM.. Reason: Dont know how it appeared twice.
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Old 07-22-2009
Thanks for the comment Rakeshawasthi..Here is the actual data

(05/17/2009 00:25:00.000)(:)  Port Search Parameters: (Dictionary (#pport->'1' #channel->'1-3-1' #link->'1-3-1' #sw->'GRPSOR29BB4' #group->'10' #shelf->'1' #
slot->'1' ))
(05/17/2009 00:25:04.000)(:)  Alarm processed:1945372343 Severity:2
(05/17/2009 00:25:04.000)(:)  Port Search Parameters: (Dictionary (#shelf->'1' #sw->'LKWDCOMABBA' #slot->'16-2' #pport->'7' ))
(05/17/2009 00:25:06.000)(:)  Alarm processed:1945372438 Severity:4
(05/17/2009 00:25:07.000)(:)  Port Search Parameters: (Dictionary (#pport->'1' #channel->'3-3-2' #link->'3-3-2' #sw->'SLKCUTMABBE' #group->'10' #shelf->'1' #
slot->'7' ))
(05/17/2009 00:25:10.000)(:)  Alarm processed:1945373313 Severity:2
(05/17/2009 00:25:10.000)(:)  Port Search Parameters: (Dictionary (#lport->'1' #sw->'DNVRCODCDSQ' #slot->'7' #pport->'1' #channel->'27' ))
(05/17/2009 00:25:11.000)(:)  Found No Ticket Create Rule: 373316
(05/17/2009 00:25:11.000)(:)  Port Search Parameters: (Dictionary (#shelf->'1' #sw->'FARGNDBCBB3' #slot->'12-2' #pport->'5' ))
(05/17/2009 00:25:12.000)(:)  Alarm processed:1945372747 Severity:4
(05/17/2009 00:25:12.000)(:)  Port Search Parameters: (Dictionary (#pport->'1' #channel->'2-6-2' #link->'2-6-2' #sw->'ALBQNMMABBH' #group->'9' #shelf->'1' #s
lot->'2' ))

The required output is

(05/17/2009 00:25:00.000) (05/17/2009 00:25:04.000)  1945372343
(05/17/2009 00:25:04.000) (05/17/2009 00:25:06.000)  1945372438
(05/17/2009 00:25:07.000) (05/17/2009 00:25:10.000)  1945373313

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Old 07-22-2009
You can use a awk script named "test.awk" like this:
BEGIN {FS = "  "}
   if ($0 ~ /Port/) {date1=substr($1,1,index($1,"(:") - 1)}
   if ($0 ~ /Alarm/) {date2=substr($1,1,index($1,"(:") - 1)
   print date1,date2,substr($2,17,11)}

and run it :
awk -f test.awk yourfile.txt

hope that helps.
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Old 07-22-2009
Thanks for the reply


Thanks for your reply. But that is not just gave me a blank screen. Mean while i have removed unnecessary fields from my input.

(05/17/2009 00:24:24.000)(:) Port Search
(05/17/2009 00:24:26.000)(:) Alarm processed:1945373047
(05/17/2009 00:24:26.000)(:) Port Search
(05/17/2009 00:24:31.000)(:) Alarm processed:1945373093
(05/17/2009 00:24:31.000)(:) Port Search
(05/17/2009 00:24:32.000)(:) Alarm processed:1945373111
(05/17/2009 00:24:32.000)(:) Channel Search
(05/17/2009 00:24:33.000)(:) Alarm processed:1945373076

But the output to get remiains the same
(05/17/2009 00:24:24.000) (05/17/2009 00:24:26.000) 1945373047
(05/17/2009 00:24:26.000) (05/17/2009 00:24:31.000) 1945373093

Please help
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Old 07-22-2009
It's because you change your input. Use ur old file with "unnecessary fields" and u'll probably get the desire output ^_^
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