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Old 07-22-2009
Logfile analyse | problem with regex

Hello there,

i am trying to write a shell script to analyse some of my log files.
I want the script to check if there is a logfile from yesterday or today (some times the script that creates the logfile takes a bit longer and its after 00:00) and search the logfile itself if the script was successfully (indicated by a "successfully completed at Mon Jul 21 02:01:25 CEST 2009)

The script shall return 1 if it found a logfile that were successfully and 0 if there is no logfile found or it was not successfully. (Want to link it with Nagios)


cd /log
ret=`find . -daystart -mtime 2 -name "*.log" -exec grep -h -c -i "successfully completed at\|terminated successfully without warnings" > step.log {} \;`

ret2=`egrep "[1]" step.log`

if [$ret2 = "[1]{1,}"]

echo $end

Here i am stuck Smilie. My step.log file contains this:


and i dont know how i get this Regex to work. I want the script if there is a "1" or more "1" in the stop.log file to end and return 1.

And cuz i am allready here is there a "easy way" to check if the date from today or yesterday matches the one in the logfile ? I tryed but the Format in the logfile is like this "Mon Jul 20 02:01:25 CEST 2009" and i am not sure how to compare this with system time.

Thank you for even reading that :>
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