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Old 07-21-2009
Python Regex

I have the below string and regex. However I cant understand why it works the way it does. IP has been changed for safety Smilie

String = NowSMS Error Report. Error initializing SMSC Interface 'SMPP -'. Interface is not available.

Regex = (.+\.)\s(.+)

I get two backreferences as expected.

Group 1: NowSMS Error Report. Error initializing SMSC Interface 'SMPP -'.

Group 2: Interface is not available.


Why doesn't group 1 = NowSMS Error Report. <------ stopping at first period
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Old 07-21-2009
Your RE is open ended and has an overly aggressive match. You need to
1. Anchor your regular expression to ensure that it works as you intend ( Tell it where the line starts or ends )
2. Match the expression to what you want to capture, ie. don't assume that a wildcard match will do as you expect.

The expression you want starts with "not a period" not "multiple instances of any character"
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