unable to return a decimal value from a function

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Old 07-21-2009
unable to return a decimal value from a function

Hi Guys,

I am unable to return a decimal value from a function to the main script.
I am getting the correct value in the function but when it is returning to the main script using "return" it is coming as 0. Below is my code.

read VALUE_V fun_FATHERID fun_SONID fun_TOPID fun_RTYPE < function_output.dat;
echo "outside=$VALUE_V";
echo "outside=$fun_FATHERID";

wc -l function_output.dat | read length dummy;
echo "length=$length";

if [ "$length" -eq "1" ] -a [ "fun_RTYPE" -eq "RW" ]
echo "value_v=$VALUE_V";
echo "chile_value=$child_value";
VALUE_V=$(echo "scale=4; $VALUE_V * $child_value" | bc);
echo "inside fucntion=$VALUE_V";
return $VALUE_V;

Thanks for your help in advance.


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above is the code of the function. the main script just calls this function.
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Old 07-21-2009
return is not same as in programming languages.
return is exit code, caller can read it from variable ?
Return value must put to the stdout and caller read it from stdin.
function sum()
   (( res = v1 + v2 ))
   echo "$res"
   return 100

total=$(  sum 1 2 )
echo "result is $total and exit code was $stat"

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Old 07-22-2009
Thanks KSHJI.. it was helpful
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