bad argument count, tryig to FTP

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Old 07-21-2009
bad argument count, tryig to FTP

I have a file in a Unix directory called 97210900.EFT

I am getting this error:
miis_ftp.ELM_EFT.shl[81]: cd: bad argument count
+ [ ! -r 07210900.EFT ]
+ type=1
+ ErrorHandle

Here is the piece of code that is checking the file

# Change the directory to one contains the file to be transported
##cd $LocalDir;
cd $CDRemoteDir;
# Do an -r command on the desired file ensure that the file exist and readable
if [ ! -r $UpLoadFileName ]
# Do an -s command on the desired file ensure that the file exist
# and is not null
if [ ! -s $UpLoadFileName ]
[code] /

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Old 07-21-2009
When you write the ending code tag, you have to add a / in front of code...
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