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SCO 6.0 MP 3 USB-UDI install fails

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Operating Systems SCO SCO 6.0 MP 3 USB-UDI install fails
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Old 11-22-2007
SCO 6.0 MP 3 USB-UDI install fails

Hi All,

When I install SCO 6.0 maintenance package 3 I get some mails:

Message 338:
From root Tue Nov 20 12:39:15 2007
From: Superuser <root@hocopart.hocoparts.local>
X-Mailer: SCO OpenServer 6.0.0 Mail
To: root@hocopart.hocoparts.local
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 12:39:15 +0100 (CET)
Message-ID: <200711201239.aa26163@hocopart.hocoparts.local>
Status: RO

Installation of UDI Environment #1 on sco6test as package instance
<udi> failed.
Error messages are logged in /var/adm/install/logs/udi.log.

There are more but this is one of them.
I get them on both a clean installed test system (SCO 6.0 with SCO MP2, Openserver 6.00 MP2 USB supplement OSS703A, OSS704A OSS705A and OSS706C after that I removed OSS703A, OSS704A and OSS705A as SCO advices and patched with SCO MP3).

Besides the error everything seems to work well.
Wat I would like to know is if
Is UDI important or has this only to do with some of the functionality of the USB interface?



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MKFS.BFS(8)						Linux System Administrator's Manual					       MKFS.BFS(8)

mkfs.bfs - make an SCO bfs filesystem SYNOPSIS
mkfs.bfs [-N nr-of-inodes] [-V volume-name] [-F fsname] device [size-in-blocks] DESCRIPTION
mkfs.bfs creates an SCO bfs file-system on a block device (usually a disk partition or a file accessed via the loop device). The size-in-blocks parameter is the desired size of the file system, in blocks. If nothing is specified, the entire partition will be used. OPTIONS
-N Specify the desired number of inodes (at most 512). If nothing is specified some default number in the range 48-512 is picked depending on the size of the partition. -V volume-label Specify the volume label. I have no idea if/where this is used. -F fsname Specify the fsname. I have no idea if/where this is used. -v Be verbose. EXIT CODES
The exit code returned by mkfs.bfs is 0 when all went well, and 1 when something went wrong. SEE ALSO
The mkfs.bfs command is part of the util-linux package and is available from Util-linux 2.9x 12 Sept 1999 MKFS.BFS(8)

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